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You have asked the scholars what this Tubercle is, and after two thousand years of discussion, the scholars have answered the same as the first day: 'We do not know.' You have asked the Truffle itself and the Truffle has answered you: 'Eat me and adore God.' To tell the story of the Truffle is to tell the history of the world's civilization.

Alexandre Dumas 1802-1870

Black Diamond, Périgord, Norcia, Winter, Tartufo Nero, Black Devil - it has gone by many names throughout history, but what exactly is the Black Truffle? Technically known as Tuber melanosporum, and broadly classified as a mushroom, truffles are highly prized for their unique flavor and intoxicating aroma.

A truffles fragrance can be summarized in three distinct aromas: wood, dampness and mystery. "Wood is the natural habitat of the truffle, dampness is essential to its growth, and mystery represents the very little that has been known about it"...until now.

Piedmont Valley Truffles was formed in 2002 to propagate truffle development in the United States and further educate consumers, chefs and growers. The company was co-founded by Jack & Aron J Ponticelli, father and son, along with partner Franklin Garland. It was less than thirty years ago when European mycologists first discovered how truffles could be successfully cultivated. Shortly thereafter our partners, spearheaded by Franklin Garland, brought this scientifically licensed process back to the New World.

It's often said that the first Golden Age of Truffles occurred in Europe during the 19th century. Through two world wars, deforestation and forgotten traditions, truffle production has declined drastically over the past 150 years. Today, Piedmont Valley Truffles is at the forefront of ushering in the New Truffle Renaissance.

"Piedmont Valley Truffles is doing today what Robert Mondavi, and many other early pioneers, did for American viticulture in the 1970's." Similar to wine from Napa Valley thirty years ago, truffles grown in the United States today are of extremely high quality but relatively unknown to most consumers and chefs. That is now changing...

As one of the leading growers & distributors of Black Truffles in the Western Hemisphere - with 110 acres of farmland in the rolling foothills of North Carolina's Piedmont region, over 15,000 inoculated truffle trees currently planted with further development planned, and an expanding consortium of smaller growers throughout the country - Piedmont Valley Truffles is uniquely poised to continue guiding the nascent domestic truffle cultivation industry.

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