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Organic Black and White
			  Truffle Oil Set
Organic Truffle Oils - 8 oz bottles

Piedmont Valley Truffles is still in the early stages of production, and quantities of fresh Black Truffles are very limited during this year's winter harvest season. However, each year that passes offers significant increases in yield, with full seasonal volume reaching in excess of 1.2 tons (2,400 lbs) in the next several years - and lasting for well over 50 years.

Please email info@nctruffles.com or call 800.657.4649 for daily updated pricing and availability.

We are committed to ensuring a steady supply and fostering long-term relationships with chefs, restaurants, connoisseurs and manufacturers from around the country, and will provide updates regularly as quantities become available both this season and over the coming years.

Musky, intense, aromatic, earthy, sensuous and intoxicatingly fragrant - Piedmont Valley Truffles are readily available during the Black Truffle winter harvest season running from December thru early March. Our goal is to provide fresh, daily-harvested truffles directly from our farm to your table in less than 24 hours.

The best way to fully appreciate the true taste of a Piedmont Valley Truffle is fresh and direct from the farm. Therefore, we will never flash freeze and store truffles for use or purchase during the off-season. With 110 acres of land that is fully managed for sustainability, we can offer fresh truffles directly from farm-to-table overnight.

A great way to enjoy the truffle experience, both during the regular season and all year round, is through our expanding line of Organic Truffle Products. For the last several years there's been a deluge of seasoning oils tricked up with esoteric chemical compounds, and called truffle oil, that would often leave behind a chemically bitter aftertaste.

But now there is a genuine, multi-dimensional, more pleasant and earthy alternative offered by Piedmont Valley Truffles in association with da Rosario: the worlds first and only USDA-Certified Organic Black & White Truffle Oils.

Each bottle of the USDA-Certified Organic Black & White Truffle Oil features numerous organic truffle pieces floating gently in mild organic extra virgin olive oil with the real organic truffle flavor having been delicately extracted from fresh organic truffles - this balance is not found in any other truffle oils, and something chefs and home connoisseurs have never experienced until now.

The celebrated flavor of fresh truffles has long been a staple of exclusive restaurants throughout the globe. But as cooking and chefs have gone more natural and organic, consumer desires have followed the same route. Now, the magical, distinctive flavor of truffles is available in a 100% natural and certified Organic Truffle Oil.

Use this premier Organic Truffle Oil to finish simply flavored pasta dishes, grilled meats and vegetables or try with one of our many recipes. Also be sure to send us your favorite recipe and we' ll post on the site along with your name and interests.

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Pure Tuber melanosporum, washed and brushed weighing over 30g.
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Pure Tuber melanosporum, washed and brushed weighing over 10g.
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Pieces of Pure Tuber melanosporum, washed and brushed weighing over 20g, cleanly and freshly cut.
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